{Conceptual Spaces}


Because every space has to start some where.

NYC Penthouse

Warm, inviting, contemporary comfort would best describe this sculptural space overlooking the Hudson River. With an open floor plan and loads of natural daylight filtering throughout the space, the emphasis will be on a main architectural form that is the stairs. They starts at the first floor and climbs it’s way up to the second. To soften the straight vertical and horizontal lines of the space soft sweeping motions in the finished details & furnishings will provide a comfortable feel while allowing the sky-line views to shine. With the use of neutral tones as the backdrop, off-whites & light warm grays, with pops of color in the details like golds, fuchsias, & blue tones, it will allow the design to further support the contemporary, yet slightly luxurious traditional décor. The open floor plan, a neutral palette with accent colors, along with the repetition of the marriage of hard and soft lines, will work together to create a clean comfortable contemporary design.

Behavioral Health Facility for Teens

This facility is run by a non-profit organization dedicated to helping emotionally & behaviorally troubled adolescense and their families live successfully within society. Creating a safe haven that continually inspires adolescense and their families is essential in the goal for a healthier world. Brainwave profiles and our daily experience of life are inseperable. When our brainwaves are out of balance there will be corresponding problems with in our emtional and neurophysical health. The goal of this design is to enhance each resident's daily experience within this space, and allow them to explore the world from a new vantage point.

 Steampunk Library

The goal of this design for the historical library and modern renovation is to bring the two together where they can act as one. With historical features and contemporary mechanical design, this library boosts both fantasy and real life. Gears and their mechanics are what keep machinery running smoothly and allow it to work like a whole piece, just like a community. The concept was to create a space that feels as if patrons have walked into an alternate fantasy world where the gears of their minds cannot be contained. With the use of mechanical suspended acrylic gears from the ceiling to symbolize the gears & wheels of the ever turning mind, and the open mechanics of the technologic retrieval system, visitors of the library will be part of a science fiction substitute universe. The use of steel, metals, leather, hardwoods, and a simplistic color scheme will allow the overall space to feel mysterious yet contemporary.

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