{Home Staging}



I understand how creating an environment that is not only visually appealing but enables others to envision themselves living in the space, can really push a home towards selling. Creating intimate spaces, while allowing the house to feel like a home is critical in staging. I specialize in space planning and mixing colors, texture and patterns to emphasize a space's qualities.


What are the benifits of staging your home?

Staging allows your home to stand out in the competitive market, which in turn can sell your home faster than if not staged. A professionally staged and furnished home will sell much more quickly than homes that are vacant or that have an abuncence of furniture. Because buyers first notice what is occupying a room and not the actual room itself, creating a space that is appealing and functional is critical to a fast sale. Not to mention that the cost of a home staging can be significantly less than a first price reduction of a home.


I swear it's not just what it looks like.